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Deodorant Man


Hero to All Con-Goers

Hello Cosplayers,  my name is Keith aka Deodorant Man  I have been going to comic/anime cons for many years and totally enjoy them. After my first couple of conventions, I noticed a need for a Hero I had never seen before and from that, Deodorant Man was born. I have seen a few others lately who care about the same thing I do but rest assured, there can be only one, Deodorant Man.  I don my Neon Yellow and Purple Cosplay and with a supply of my ECO-CONSCIOUS + CRUELTY FREE Deodorant Wipe Packs  I go to cons and hand out Free Deodorant.

                                                                                                                                   You are welcome!

Asheville Aanime Regional Con 2019

Deodorant Man

Goes to Cons and

hands out Free Deodorant

Random Pictutres


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